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Jennifer Klismet, Senior Business Consultant, Vensure HR

Jennifer Klismet, Senior Business Consultant, Vensure HR

Senior Business Consultant

As an integral part of a family-owned business, Jenny possesses a deep understanding of the day-to-day intricacies of managing business operations. She's well-versed in handling tasks and addressing the demands that come with it. Her grasp extends to crucial facets like customer engagement, staffing, and most notably, the intricate dynamics within a family-oriented work environment.

Despite her comprehensive knowledge, Jenny's family business experienced substantial revenue losses, amounting to thousands, primarily due to the oversight of fundamental aspects such as staffing, employee retention, 401Ks, and other employee benefits. This setback became a catalyst for Jenny, motivating her to undertake a personal mission. She is dedicated to providing education and support to business owners, helping them tap into the readily available resources.

Jenny possesses the capability to introduce her clients to a myriad of Human Resources services and cutting-edge technologies, as well as collaborative partnerships that can enhance and benefit both their business operations and their workforce. Her unique strengths lie in her personal experiences and expertise, coupled with her exceptional ability to actively listen to the actual challenges faced by her clients. Through this understanding, she crafts tailored solutions that align with each client's distinct requirements.

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